The conservation of cheetah and other large predators on farmlands in South Africa

The Auckland Zoo Conservation Fund grant contributes to the annual placement and monitoring of 20 livestock guarding dogs on farms within the cheetah range in South Africa. The guarding dog placements are clustered mainly within the natural cheetah distribution range which establishes an increased connection of safe habitat

Sumatran orangutan reintroduction, research and locally-led conservation

Work to confiscate, rehabilitate, and reintroduce orangutans rescued from the pet trade.

Community conservation along the forest border in the Leuser Ecosystem

A community conservation initiative, established to help provide long term protection of the Leuser ecosystem buffer zone environment to benefit both wildlife and people. This is the last place on earth where Sumatran orangutans, rhinoceros, elephants, and tigers still co-exist.

Monitoring health, demography and behaviour of Asian elephants

Researching Sri Lankan elephants using radio telemetry, and more recently GPS-satellite tracking, and the success of their findings is used to influence government decisions.

Securing lands for red panda conservation in eastern Nepal

Conservation of red pandas and their habitat through the education and empowerment of local communities by adaptive community-­based research, education, and sustainable development.

Giraffe Conservation in Namibia

Management of wild giraffe throughout Africa and is dedicated to a sustainable future for all giraffe populations in the wild.

Strengthening the protection of Sumatran tiger in Seblat National Park

Save wild tigers for future generations by funding carefully chosen conservation projects in Sumatra.

The Sumatran Rhino Survival Alliance

Conservation that brings together the government of Indonesia, leading international conservation organisations, local experts and conservation practitioners, and supporters from around the world to save Sumatran rhino's from extinction.

Conservation of a new population of Abronia campbelli through the creation of biological corridors and conservation planning

Increasing habitat and protection for endangered Guatemalan species.

Looking for Lilacines: uncovering the nesting ecology of a critically endangered Ecuadorian parrot

Work to protect areas of critical importance for the conservation of threatened species in Ecuador.