Discover the Māori world.

In Te Ao Māori/ the Māori world there is only one set of primal ancestors - Ranginui and Papatūānuku - from whom all things ultimately trace descent. Therefore, all things are related.

Students will discover relationships and connections between animals, plants, people, the things we do, and our values… all from a Māori world view.

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Our sessions use the flora and fauna of Te Wao Nui as a vehicle to illustrate and explain the relationships intrinsic to the Māori world. Students will gain greater understanding and appreciation of Māori culture and its many principles and practices, for example kaitiakitanga, whakapapa, karakia, and rongoā.

Our Matauranga Māori sessions focus on one element of Te Ao Māori, which you are able to choose while booking.

The session focus you select will enable us to tell a cohesive and interactive story throughout the Zoo as we journey and explore Matauranga Maori themes together.

Sessions with a Zoo Educator will last for approx. 45 minutes. Outside this time you are free to explore the Zoo. Most schools plan to arrive for 9:30am opening and leave by 2:00pm.

Our learning outcomes are different based on the session focus selected while booking.

Tūrangawaewae (Belonging place)

Year 0 - 13

Feel an active sense of belonging in Aotearoa
Make sense of their place in the world from a Te Ao Māori perspective
Develop a deeper connection and respect for Aotearoa’s unique flora and fauna

Tātai Arorangi (Astronomy)

Years 0-8

Understand the cultural significance of Matariki and other celestial bodies to food gathering
Know some Atua Māori
Name and identify some Aotearoa NZ animals and plants

Year 9-13

Understand the cultural significance of Matariki and other celestial bodies to food gathering
How Atua Māori are relevant today
Understand how ecological indicators are used seasonally

Rongoā (Health, Wellbeing & Medicine)

Year 0 - 13

Connect and appreciate the Atua of Healing, Rongo
Students will make sense of their place in the world from a Te Ao Māori perspective
Understand traditional modes of healing and one cultural practice (balm making)

Science L1 – 8:

Develop an understanding of the world, built on current scientific theories.
Learn that Science involves particular processes and ways of developing and organising knowledge and that these continue to evolve.

Social Studies L1 – 8:

The unique bicultural nature of New Zealand society that derives from the Treaty of Waitangi.
People, places, cultures, histories, and the economic world, within and beyond New Zealand.
How societies are organised and function and the ways in which people and communities respond are shaped by different perspectives, values, and viewpoints.

Learning Languages L1 – 8:

Participate with understanding and confidence in situations where te reo and tikanga Māori predominate and to integrate language and cultural understandings into their lives.
Strengthen Aotearoa New Zealand’s identity in the world.

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