Who's who in the zoo?

Porcupine quills, colourful feathers, and scaly skins! Explore different ways that animals can be grouped with a particular focus on the system scientists use.

This session guides students through the fascinating world of animal grouping and classification.


Using a selection of artifacts and hands on activities or observations we will place animals into groups and investigate classification based on similar features between animals.

This will set you up to apply your knowledge to the animals out in the Zoo grounds!

Session duration: Teaching with a Zoo Educator will last for approx 45 minutes. Outside of this time you are free to explore the Zoo.

Learning outcomes

Year 0 - 2:

  1. Identify non-living and living things, plants and animals
  2. Place animals with similar features into groups
  3. Group and name birds, mammals and reptiles, based on fur, feathers and scales

Year 3 - 4

  1. Recognise the difference between invertebrates and vertebrates
  2. Group the animal kingdom using science-based classification (Amphibians, Birds, Fish, Mammals, Reptiles)