We’ve just hatched five nationally threatened kākāriki karaka (orange fronted parakeet) at the Zoo!

With a wild population of just 100-300 birds, these precious parakeets need all the help they can get. This involves active conservation work as well as advocacy, so that more Kiwis can be aware of these special birds, their plight and why #PredatorFree2050 is so important.


Five precious kākāriki karaka have just hatched at Auckland Zoo

Follow as birds team leader Carl checks the nestbox

As birds team leader Carl explains, Auckland Zoo is part of a dedicated breed for release programme with the Department of Conservation and Isaacs Conservation and Wildlife Trust to boost the populations of these kākāriki and soon these chicks will be heading to Isaacs in Christchurch before their release into the wild.

We’re asking you to help us spread the word and back this bird for Forest and Bird's #BirdOfTheYear with our friends at Massey University. Vote here.