We’re helping generations of kākāpō to thrive and prosper!

You might remember kākāpō Kōmaru who was treated at our Vet Hospital last year with a case of cloacitis or ‘crusty bum’ - an inflammation of the cloaca that can result in painful scabbing

Well, our resident vet Lydia has been digging a little further into kākāpō paternity this breeding season and we’re excited to say that Kōmaru has been able to father an incredible 10 chicks this year!

Our vet team has been looking after several of his offspring as part of the recent aspergillosis outbreak, Esperance-2-B and Awarua-3-A are still in care at Auckland Zoo but the great news is that Awarua-4-A and Rakiura-2-A have already been cleared and returned home.

You can watch our video of Kōmaru’s time at the Auckland Zoo Vet Hospital below. 


Meet Kōmaru the kākāpō

Watch as Auckland Zoo vet Melanie prepares a meal for Kōmaru so he can gain much needed weight.