We have a VIP patient at our Vet Hospital - Kōmaru the kākāpō!

Kōmaru is with us temporarily while our vet team treat his cloacitis or ‘crusty bum’ - an inflammation of the cloaca that can result in painful scabbing.


Meet Kōmaru the kākāpō

Watch as Auckland Zoo vet Melanie prepares a meal for Kōmaru so he can gain much needed weight.

As he came in slightly underweight, our vets have been tube-feeding him twice a day to supplement his diet of vegetation, pine and berries.

Zoo vet Melanie says, it’s amazing for our team to contribute to Wild Work such as this, through our partnership with the Department of Conservations’ Kākāpō Recovery. It won’t be long until we bid a fond farewell to Kōmaru, as he makes the journey back to Whenua Hou.

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