In this pouch-cam we’re giving you a sneak-peek at one of our newest arrivals!

This red-necked wallaby joey was born in early July and since then our carnivore keepers have been regularly checking mum Motus’ pouch to make sure the baby is developing well – like keeper Helen is doing here.

Wallabies are marsupials who raise their young in a pouch. This means their gestation (pregnancy) is very short, roughly 30 days, after which the tiny offspring - around the size of a jellybean! - moves to their mothers’ pouch to continue growing.

Joeys will start to venture out of the pouch at around 6 months of age to explore and play but will continue to return to the pouch for milk or for safety.  

We’ll keep you posted on the joey’s progress! In the meantime, come and visit the entire mob in our Australia Bush Track which they share with a vast array of Aussie birds, reptiles and mammals.


Pouch cam!

Carnivore keeper Helen is checking on this wee developing joey