Great news - an incredible FIVE otter pups have been born at Auckland Zoo!

These four-week-old-pups received their first weigh-in by our carnivore team yesterday with each pup clocking in between 372-423 grams. Baby otters don’t open their eyes until they reach roughly 40 days old so until then they’ll spend most of their time in their nestbox. If they need to get out and about, their parents will carry them by the scruff of their necks and if you’re lucky you might catch a glimpse of them!

As you’ll know Takumi and Kanan gave birth to two sets of triplets during 2019, and with these latest additions, our raft of Asian small-clawed otters has grown to 13! Our keepers and vet team will remain ‘hands-off’ with the pups until they reach around 9-weeks of age.

This is when they will receive their first vaccination and we’ll be able to let you know their sexes…any guesses? Stay tuned for updates on their progress!

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