Happy Veterinary Nurse Awareness Week! #nzvna2018 Join us and our friends at NZVNA this week to celebrate vet nurses and the vital work they do all over Aotearoa.

Our Auckland Zoo Vet Hospital nurses treat not only our zoo whānau, but a huge range of sick or injured New Zealand wildlife that need desperate help.

This requires a phenomenal degree of expert knowledge – determining why a turtle has washed up, what to feed a parakeet that is off their food, or why a penguin is looking a bit flat. The job is physical, and can often involve pinning down a wild animal whilst giving it necessary medication.

The hours are long, and the work can be emotionally draining – especially in cases where human impact such as plastic pollution may be the reason their wild patient is unwell.

Our vet team work this hard because they believe in our conservation Wild Work, and do everything they can to help Aotearoa’s wildlife.

Kia kaha vet team, we are lucky to have you! Learn more about our vet doctors and nurses on our Auckland Zoo Vet Hospital page.