Tēnā koutou! Our Māori kupu of the week is – Ranginui!

Ranginui is the atua (god) of the sky, also known as the ‘sky father’. In Māori pūrākau (legend) Ranginui and Papatūānuku are the primordial parents, locked together in a tight embrace, and their union causes the creation of all things. When their tamariki eventually push them apart to let in more light and give them room to move, this in turn lead to the creation of the heavens, the night sky as well as the rain and the mist which are demonstrations of Rangi and Papa’s longing to be togeher once more.  

We’ll be sharing a new te reo word each week that relates to our zoo, our values or the natural world – all from zoo educator Hohepa’s bubble, to you at home.

Check out our full playlist on YouTube and practice with your whānau at home!


Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori with Hōhepa - Ranginui