How do you safely health check a Sumatran tiger?

In our latest video, carnivore keepers Nick and Torey demonstrate how important positive-reinforcement training is in how we care for Sumatran tigers.   

Here, Torey is asking male tiger Ramah to move to different areas of our interactive training wall. Having Ramah stretch into a standing position, means our team can visually check his overall mobility and different parts of his body like his paws, belly and teeth.

Carrying out regular training like this is important for noticing any subtle changes to these big cats’ behaviours. It’s entirely voluntary whether Ramah chooses to participate, but if he does, he’ll receive a tasty milk reinforcement.

Every time you visit our South East Asia Jungle Track at Auckland Zoo, you’re also helping to support Sumatran tigers in the wild.


Sumatran tiger Ramah enjoys a training session

Follow along with our expert carnivore keepers as they explain the importance of our regular health checks.