Sumatran tiger cub Cahya recently hit a critical milestone!

When she turned 8-weeks-old Cahya received her first vaccination and microchip, as well as a quick health check from our veterinary team. Her next vaccination takes place at 12 weeks which helps to protect her from feline diseases (just like domestic cats!).


Sumatran tiger cub Cahya receives a health check!

Follow carnivore keeper Emma as she takes us through 8-week old Cahya's recent health check.

This is made possible through the amazing relationship our carnivore keepers have built with Zayana, and enables them to health check Cahya while mum is in the habitat enjoying breakfast. Once the quick health check was complete, Cahya enjoyed some tasty pet milk which helps to build a relationship with our team.

While many of you have been lucky to spot Cahya, it is under the complete discretion of her mum Zayana as to where she might be each day. We’ll keep you updated as she progresses.