We have some wonderful news to share – another Galápagos tortoise has hatched at Auckland Zoo!

Peeking out of its shell, this photo was taken by ectotherm keeper Sonja when the tortoise was at day two of its 4-5-day hatch.

Now 43 days old, this tortoise is the sixth to have hatched at Auckland Zoo from three successful clutches by parents Smiley and Chippie. It was also the largest to hatch (weighing 94 grams!) which pales in comparison to the size of dad Smiley at 241kgs.

This hatchling was carefully cared for in an incubator for the first 30 days of its life, and recently our ectotherm team have moved it to a special climate-controlled vivarium in one of our behind the scenes areas.

The first four tortoises to hatch in 2021 are now over 1 year old! Our visitors can see them in their custom-made creche at our Galápagos tortoise house.