We have some great news – our Galápagos tortoise hatchlings have moved into their new crèche area!

Now eight months old, these four hatchlings (currently weighing between 130-134 grams each) were carefully transported by ectotherms curator Don from their temporary behind the scenes vivarium into a brand new specially designed crèche to suit their needs. 

The crèche provides varying terrain for climbing, grassy bed areas, ambient temperatures, heated basking spots and steady high humidity. Long-lived, these gentle giants can reach up to 180 years of age – so your kids and even your kids’ kids could be visiting them!

Though Auckland Zoo is closed we’re looking forward to welcoming you back, once it’s safe to do so, so you can visit them. On your visit, we’ll also be asking for your help to name the tortoise babies!


Tiny tortoises on the move!

This #keepercam montage (in x4 speed!) was filmed by ectotherm keeper Sonja and shows the hatchlings exploring their new home.