This absolute baby boom is due to the arrival of males Jimini and Nino from France last year, and the care they receive from our wonderful keepers! If you listen you can hear the vocalisations that the adults are making to communicate with their babies.

Each ranging from 2-5 weeks old, our primate keeper Sam says they are just starting to become aware of the big world around them. The oldest of the bunch has already started to show some interest in clambering off mum and trying to do a little climbing of their own.


Our squirrel monkey family has grown!

There was one, there was two….and now there are 7 squirrel monkey babies!

They will stick close to their mum for a long time yet and will start to eat solids at around 4 months of age, moving on to delicious things like fruits, veges, leafy greens and insects. You can see that our primate team have made some ice blocks for the troop as part of their afternoon enrichment to help with the warmer weather.

While many of us are in lockdown, our keeping and veterinary staff are busy (yet safely) working to look after the animals in our care – and we’ll continue to share #keepercams and zoo news with you!