Introducing our five new lace monitor hatchlings – a first for our zoo!

This precious clutch of newly hatched monitors marks the first time these lizards have been successfully bred in New Zealand.

Closely related to the famous Komodo dragon, lace monitors are known for the beautiful lace-like patterns on their skin. The wide bands of cream and black that can be seen on these hatchlings are known as ‘Bell’s phase’ – a colouring specific to the drier regions of Australia. 


Check out our lovely lace monitor hatchlings!

Ectotherm keeper Seth introduces our five new monitors that just hatched recently

In the wild lace monitors seal their eggs inside termite mounds – creating a nice humid crib with free incubation for their eggs and protection from predators. With impeccable timing, a lace monitor mum will return nine months later to dig the hatchlings out!

School Holidays #SenseFact – Did you know? Monitors are the only lizards to have a forked tongue like a snake and this enables them to use their tongue to smell!

You can congratulate our monitor parents Darla and Ned by visiting them in our Strangely Beautiful Australia precinct next to a whole heap of other fascinating Aussies.