In our final episode of our three-part series, our orangutans settle in after their big move south and are introduced to their new home at Orana Park.

As one of their early morning tasks, primate team leader Amy with senior primate keeper Craig head off to cut some fresh breakfast browse for our vegetation-loving primates.

This is one of the tasks our team will continue in the coming weeks and months as Amy and the primate team will be tag-teaming to make sure there is always a primate keeper from Auckland Zoo in Christchurch to give our orangutan the continuity of their support and care. Next, our orangutans are introduced to their new day room before venturing out into Orana Park’s purpose built enclosure for Great Apes. In this environment they will be the new neighbours to three silverback gorillas – leading to some exciting interactions for them! 


Episode Three: Orangutans on the move to Orana Park

Watch as our Orangutan take their big journey south!

This move will enable us to start construction in the new year on our South-east Asian precinct – the biggest redevelopment in Auckland Zoo’s history! In two years’ time our orangutans will return to an amazing new environment designed to encourage their arboreal nature.

Sadly our Bornean orangutans, as well as the Sumatran and Tapanuli orangutan, are critically endangered as their wild habitat is cleared for palm-oil production. Stand up for these beautiful and intelligent animals by saying no to unsustainable palm oil and buying deforestation free. You can also download our Palm Oil wallet card to help you when shopping.