Congratulations to our staff for their innovative work with our greater flamingo flock!

Recently our zoo crew were awarded the 2018 Innovation Award from the Australasian Society of Zoo Keeping for their pioneering work in flamingo husbandry.


Meet the newest addition to our flamingo flock!

The first of our flock to hatch under its parents, this unflappable little chick is venturing further from the egg mound and even to our back of house area, under the watchful eyes of parents Neil and Cheviot.

In January this year, our newly hatched flamingos broke new ground by being the first chicks to hatch under their parents and be raised by the flock. This was not only an amazing development for our zoo, but a first for the whole of Australasia!

In the past flamingo chicks have been incubated and hand-raised by our keepers until they were ready to join the wider flock. This time around, our keepers could see that the parents were exhibiting new and different behaviours (including incubating their eggs at night!) and decided to take a new approach.

Watch our video and read our articles below to learn more about our flock dynamics and the keepers behind this exciting development!