Auckland Zoo is looking forward to welcoming female Sumatran tiger Sali, from Hamilton Zoo, later this month (April) as part of the international breeding and advocacy programme for this Critically Endangered big cat.

Sali, who’s bloodline is well represented in the tiger population and is therefore not required to breed, will become the first tiger to experience our new Lowlands tiger habitat within the South East Asia Jungle Track – due to open fully this spring!

Later this year, the Zoo also hopes to welcome a young pair of Sumatran tigers from the United States who have specifically been selected by the international breeding programme managers to breed and contribute their valuable genes to the population in Australasia.

“My teammates and I are super-excited about our new tiger habitat. It’s an exceptional environment - complex and enriching, and one that will give these tigers the choice of many different terrains, vantage points and water features - as well as offering our visitors incredible opportunities to connect with them. says carnivore team leader Lauren. Along with giving Sali an amazing environment that will contribute to her overall wellbeing, her arrival enables us to grow awareness and empathy for Sumatran tigers – a highly threatened and incredibly rare species we continue to help conserve in the wild thanks to the support of our visitors.” 

On arrival at Auckland Zoo, Sali will undergo a brief observation period in the tiger habitat’s inside quarters, ahead of being given the choice to venture outside. Stay tuned for updates!