Baby monkey update! Our two-month-old emperor tamarin is now climbing and eating on it's own!

As you know, this is the first emperor tamarin to ever be born at Auckland Zoo. We still don't know the sex of this wee one yet but its now confidently clambouring off mum and eating solids - like locusts and fresh fruit.

The gestation period for emperor tamarins is just over 4.5 months and as soon as the baby is born, dad immediately steps in, helping to hold and wash the baby. They'll continue to get all their nourishment from mum with a feed every 2-3 hours until they independantly start eating solid foods; so already, our youngster has ticked off a pretty important milestone!


Baby tamarins will start eating from the mouths of their parents so they can get to know what’s safe before they start to find their own food. Senior primate keeper Jacqui says that in her 11 or so years of zookeeping she's never seen a better looking baby - "everything about it is tiny perfection!"

Stay tuned for more updates in future!