Baby news! Introducing spider monkey Toque and Brianna’s baby – can you spot it amongst all the fur!?

Joining the spider monkey troop and Auckland Zoo whānau one week ago, it is clinging close to mum Brianna’s chest as she navigates the rainforest canopy.

This exciting arrival is our first in seven years and has only been made possible with the arrival of male Toque from Toronto Zoo, who we worked closely with late last year.


Meet the newest member of our spider monkey troop!

Primate keeper Jacqui explains what a ‘total heartwarming joy’ it is having this newborn at Auckland Zoo

As our primates keeper Jacqui says, this newest bundle is a ‘total heart-warming joy’ and we can’t wait to see the changes in our spider monkey troop as they take on new responsibilities.

Come and visit the whole troop in their rainforest habitat and enjoy a spider monkey encounter with one of our wonderful keepers. 

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