Say ‘Kia ora’ to Sterling of our Discovery and Learning team.

Before joining the Auckland Zoo whānau, Sterling worked as an educator at Auckland Museum for 4 years where she enjoyed teaching children about sea life, bugs, dinosaurs and volcanoes. Since joining our team she’s been able to take this knowledge and expand on it – learning more about Aotearoa’s taonga and the work we do to conserve them. Sterling has a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours and a PGDip in Creative Arts Therapy.

I want students to see themselves as part of a beautiful world rather than separate from nature. I want them to connect to our world, to each other, and to themselves and understand their impact on a personal level.

Sterling Ruwhiu, Auckland Zoo Educator

Sterling is extremely passionate about helping people (and especially young people) to reconnect with nature. They are the future kaitiaki (guardians) of Aotearoa and Sterling is on a mission to inspire them to love and protect the world in which we live.

"To me, conservation is about teaching love, appreciation, connection, and empathy for our special place. When we role model these things to our youth, we bridge the widely felt apathy and discouragement, and invite our guests to build a brighter future with us."

Mātauranga Māori

Discover Sterling's favourite thing to teach - the Māori world of view.

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