At Auckland Zoo we follow the Five Domains of Animal Welfare model, developed by Massey University Professor David Mellor, to ensure the animals in our care have the very best quality of life. It is used by all organisations that are accredited by the Zoo and Aquarium Association Australasia (ZAA) to assess animal welfare.

In our ‘Science-based Animal Care’ video series, we show how our keepers utilise the domains of Nutrition, Environment, Health, Behaviour, which make up the fifth domain, Mental State. This is unique and tailored for every species, so that we can not only meet the needs of the animals we care for but also exceed them!

Watch our animal care series


Animal welfare is an evidence-based, measurable state that we monitor, join Keeper Sam to look at what this means for our primates.


The five domains feed into everything we do, join Keeper Nick as he cares for our otters, Tasmanian devils and red panda.


Join Keeper Debs to discover the real science behind the way we care for our kea, cockatoo, and kiwi.


We look at everything a species needs to thrive in the wild, Keeper Dan shows what this means for our giraffe, zebra and rhino whānau.

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