The Domes is one of Auckland’s most unique event spaces, just minutes' drive from the City Centre.

Located inside Auckland Zoo, The Domes is visually striking and covers 650m² over five hexadomes, including a custom-designed entrance tunnel. 

Its distinctive smooth round canopy and dome shape adds to the aesthetic appeal of the event space, creating an exciting element of a surprise for your guests.

Once inside, The Domes is spacious and grand. Its innovative modular layout connects all hexadomes to create a large space. 

With capacity for up to 500 guests, The Domes is ideal for gala dinners, cocktail functions, family days, Christmas parties and more.

  1. Day Hire: 9:30am-4:00pm
  2. Evening Hire: 5.30pm - Midnight
  3. Venue Inclusions:
    1. Standard Tables and Chairs

The Domes

The Domes are one of Auckland’s most unique spaces to hold an event – with the grand design, immersive feel and zoo soundtrack, this is the perfect space for you to make your special event truly unique and unforgettable.