New Zealand fur seals, or kekeno, can dive deeper and longer than any other type of fur seal. They can dive more than 200m deep and hold their breath for up to 11 minutes.

Fur seals have two layers of fur. The outer layer is used to trap air bubbles and keep the inner layer dry and warm. If you part this thick coat, you will find that they are dry underneath.

Our resident New Zealand fur seal, Orua, came to the Zoo to be rehabilitated and stayed, as he was unable to survive in the wild.


It’s All ‘A-Boat’ Enrichment for our New Zealand fur seals!

In a great example of reusing and repurposing, seal keeper Odin dreamt up a use for our old boat – giving it new life as an enriching addition for our fur seals Kaiako and Orua’s home.


It’s time for a vet check with our elderly fur seal Kaiako!

As one of our geriatric animals, our vets regularly check in with Kaiako, looking for any signs of deterioration in his vision or mobility after he recently developed a cataract in one of his eyes.