Join us for our monthly Wild Wednesday Webinar with the Conservation Learning Team at Auckland Zoo!

You can tune in with your class, with your tamariki at home, or even by yourself as we play a guessing game with a different theme each month!  

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Whose Habitat?

There are so many different types of habitats at Auckland Zoo – do you think you know who lives in each one?

2nd March 2022

Whose Babies?

Some are really small, some are really big, some are very fluffy, and others have no feathers at all!

6th April 2022

Upcoming Webinars

July 6th 2022

Claws, paws, hooves and more! Join Kat and her friends to learn about different kinds of animal feet and how they’re suited to their habitat.  

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July 20th 2022

Corn, grapes, bamboo and snails! Come and join Kat in this holiday special where we learn about what the animals eat at Auckland Zoo!

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August 3rd 2022

Some are long, some are short, some are pink, some are even blue! Join Kat and her friends to explore the wonders of animal tongues – they are all so unique! 

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September 7th 2022

Spring is in the air and that means eggs are in the nests! Join Kat and her friends to learn more about animals and their eggs in this spring edition of Wild Wednesday.  

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October 5th 2022

Daylight savings starts this month and that can make bedtime feel a bit strange! Join Kat and her friends to find out more about how different animals at Auckland Zoo spend their nights.   

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November 2nd 2022

Some are fluffy, some are scaly, some are feathery, some are hairy! Join Kat and her friends to learn more about animal tails and why they all look so different.   

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December 7th 2022

How do aquatic animals survive in their habitats? What makes them so good at finding food or keeping themselves warm? Join in Kat and her friends to explore some interesting aquatic animal adaptations.  

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