Join us for our monthly Wild Wednesday Webinar with the Conservation Learning Team at Auckland Zoo!

You can tune in with your class, with your tamariki at home, or even by yourself as we play a guessing game with a different theme each month!  

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7th August 2024

A high-altitude forest at the base of the Himalayas. A hot, humid swamp in Indonesia. An ancient ngahere full of giant kauri trees. What do all these places have in common? They are home to endangered species of animals. Join Tory and her friends to find out about these different habitats, the animals that call them home, and what we can do to help protect them. 

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4th September 2024

Raina, kākā, rinorino, tīeke, and tuahuru. Let’s learn the meaning behind the different te reo Māori names of some of the animals at Auckland Zoo. Join Tory and her friends the week before Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori to learn some new kupu for your next visit to the Zoo! Kia kaha te reo Māori!

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2nd October 2024

Did you see that? Try not to blink or you might miss it as we zoom in and take a close look at different eyes this Wild Wednesday. Join Tory and her friends to find out how many eyelids an ostrich has and who doesn’t blink at all!

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6th November 2024

Stripes, spots, feathers, scales, and scutes. Coverings can help with camouflage, attracting other individuals, or to regulate body temperature. Join Tory and her friends as we explore the different fur, feathers, and scales at Auckland Zoo.

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We are still finalising our special December Wild Wednesday, keep an eye on this page for more details and registration to come.

Watch some of our previous webinars

Whose Babies?

Look at the different babies around the Zoo. What baby stays with their mum for up to 9 years and what baby is almost 2 meters tall!

7th February 2024

Whose Poo?

Scat, faeces, dung, or poo! No matter what you call it or how smelly it is, let’s explore the different poo at the Zoo!

6th March 2024

Whose Bedtime?

Some animals sleep for 20 hours a day! Learn about how different animals' sleep and what time of the day they might be awake.

3rd April 2024

Whose Behind?

Find a comfortable spot to sit and find out all about different bottoms, tails, and behinds.

1st May 2024

Whose Sound?

Did you hear that? Learn about the different chirps, snorts, whistles, and barks that animals make around the Zoo.

5th June 2024

Whose Feet?

Feet come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes at the Zoo and are used for all types of different movement!

3rd July 2024

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