July School Holidays

Saturday 10 July to Sunday 25 July

We have loads of engaging activities for visitors to enjoy inside our warm, all-weather space The Domes. Our theme these holidays (10-25 July) is Matariki and the incredible wildlife of Aotearoa!
Learn how to draw our iconic kiwi or mighty tuatara, get creative with foam-block building, sink into a good book in our reading corner and reflect on the Māori new year by taking a star and placing your goals inside.
Interested in fascinating #animalfacts? Our 5-part series ‘Tipi Nuku’ will be screening in The Domes too, with each episode focusing on a unique species that we have at the zoo. All episodes are in te reo and English, so you can learn more reo as you watch!

Our Tamariki Time programme also continues every Wednesday and Thursday over the holiday period. 


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The Five Domains of Animal Welfare

Science of Care

There's a real science to how we care for the animals here at Auckland Zoo - from environment to nutrition, to physical health and behaviour – all of these combined contribute to a positive mental state for an animal. To find out more about how we care for animals, watch our newest video series and even how to go in the draw for an exclusive and behind the scene tour of Auckland Zoo, click on the link below. 

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High Canopy Habitat Now Open!

Visitors can now embark on the first leg of an amazing wildlife experience through South East Asia with the opening of a new primate habitat for orangutans and siamangs at Auckland Zoo today – no passport required!