We’re celebrating the arrival of Qia and Quartz, our two new female cheetah!

Prior to our cheetah sisters arriving, Auckland Zoo carnivore keeper Emma spent time in South Africa getting to know them and their different personalities. As ambassador animals for their wild cousins, Qia and Quartz were hand-reared and raised at Cango Wildlife Ranch and will in the future ​become part of the international breeding programme for their species.

Qia and Quartz are two of four cheetah to arrive in New Zealand and fulfilled their first 7-days of quarantine with our friends at Orana Wildlife Park in Christchurch with two male cheetah who will remain at Orana.


We welcome Qia and Quartz to Auckland Zoo!

We're heading to Auckland Airport with keeper Emma to pick up our two cheetah girls.

The arrival of Qia and Quartz is a continuation of Anubis and Osiris’ conservation legacy - giving visitors the opportunity to experience, connect with and learn about these incredible cats, and helping us to raise funds to support organisations like Cheetah Outreach and the vital work they do for cheetah in the wild.

You can see Qia and Quartz in their new enclosure near Darwin’s Café, where they will fulfil the rest of their quarantine period. Once they’re ready, our keepers will take them on a walk to explore the rest of our zoo grounds!