Today marks the start of National Volunteer Week and we’re taking this chance to celebrate our awesome volunteers!

Our Tuatara Club is a way for teenagers (15-17 years old) to gain experience in caring for animals, interacting with the public and learning from our knowledgeable keepers.

As you can see from our wonderful Tuatara Club members Macy, Juliette and Libby, shown in our video below, they’ve gained so much through this programme, learning some valuable skills and life-long friends!


Meet our Tuatara Club volunteers!

As Macy says “Tuatara Club was a good move for me because I’m really interested in the future and conservation. Everyone here is so knowledgeable on pretty much every topic there is, it’s really been an amazing learning experience and especially it’s kind of brought me out as a person more and helped build my confidence”.

Applications for our Tuatara Club are open until the end of June and so if you or anyone you know is interested, we’d love for you to join! All members would be committed to a full day of volunteering once a week, on either a Saturday or Sunday.

Of course, volunteering at the zoo is open to all ages! Learn more and become an Auckland Zoo volunteer here