In our 5-part te reo Māori series, Tipi Nuku, host Ngarangi and zoo educators Hōhepa and Sterling meet with different animal keepers around Auckland Zoo to learn more about the kararehe / animals that are found here, and what makes them so unique. 

Watch with your whānau, sing along with the waiata and share these incredible facts with your friends!


Episode 1 - Kakīroa (giraffe)

In this episode we learn about the long-necked kakīroa (giraffe) - from their clever adaptations, to the kai they like to eat!


Episode 2 - Tuahuru (orangutan)

In episode 2 we learn about the tuahuru (orangutan) - from their ability to build nests to sleep in, to the tools they use to enjoy their kai!


Episode 3 - New Zealand's wētāpunga

In episode 3 we learn about the largest of New Zealand's giant wētā species, and the efforts of Auckland Zoo and partners to conserve them.


Tipi Nuku Ep4 - Āniwaniwa Lorikeets (rainbow lorikeets)

In episode 4 we learn more about te āniwaniwa lorikeets - from their brush-like arero (tongues) that help them to slurp up nectar, to their important role as pollinators in Australia.


Tipi Nuku Ep5 - Honu-whenua Galápagos (Galápagos tortoise)

In our final episode we discover more about these long-lived, slow-growing honu-whenua from the Galápagos Islands, and some of their incredible adaptations!