This exciting new collaboration will bring style and colour to your rainy days!

Protect yourself from the inclement weather with this beautiful art-object from Auckland Zoo and BLUNT – available exclusively from the Zoo Shop onsite and online.

New Zealand company BLUNT are known for their quality and sustainability, and for creating umbrellas that can take ‘whatever nature throws your way’. This limited edition and bespoke umbrella was made in collaboration with New Zealand-based artist Catherine Marion; a designer well known for her elaborate botanical drawings that are rich in colour and reflect the stunning diversity of the natural world.  

Set upon a warm grey background is a kaleidoscope of native wildlife and plants – detailed in rich blues, soft pinks and enchanting purples with a pop of burnt orange. Amongst this intricate nature medley are tīeke (saddleback), pīwakawaka (fantail), kōtare (New Zealand kingfisher), iconic kawakawa leaves, mānuka, and blooming kōtukutuku (tree fuchsia) and endemic raupeka (Easter orchid).

“I wanted this design to feel like a bunch of flowers were thrown into the air and started swirling in the wind. My goal was to create a maximalist design, which would include fauna and flora from Aotearoa. I hope you will love this artwork as much as I do and that it will bring a touch of colour to rainy days to come!” explains Marion.

BLUNT umbrellas are not only built to last, but their modular design ensures future repairability – so be sure to register your purchase on the BLUNT website.

If taken care of, your umbrella will provide you with a lifetime of protection from the elements – which is also a win for the environment!