The collective heart of Auckland Zoo and its zoo colleagues throughout Aotearoa goes out to the many thousands of people so devastatingly impacted by Australia’s worst-ever bush fires. These fires continue to rage, taking human lives, destroying entire communities, wildlife and ecosystems.

Like so many of you, we want to help support our Australian cousins. Our conservation colleagues across the Tasman, who we work with closely in many ways to help build a future for wildlife, say the best way for us all to help both wildlife and people, is to give financially to trusted sources.

To help wildlife, support the incredible work of WWF Australia who are directing emergency funds to care for injured wildlife, and when the fires clear, will be helping restore Australia’s forest homes for koala and other endemic animals.

“The impacts of these fires on Australia’s people and wildlife have been devastating. Each donation to WWF’s bushfire appeal is enabling us to direct funds to wildlife response where they are needed most, whilst investing in interventions to enhance protection and restoration as soon as it is possible to do so”, says WWF Australia’s chief conservation officer Rachel Lowry. 

To assist urgent humanitarian efforts, support the highly experienced team at the Australian Red Cross. Donations to its Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund will help with everything from evacuation and recovery centres, to arranging emergency accommodation and reuniting loved ones.

If you’re visiting Auckland Zoo and would prefer to give on-site, we have donation boxes in the Zoo’s gift shop and our cafes, and all funds collected here will go to support WWF Australia and the Australian Red Cross in their work helping wildlife and people impacted by the bushfires.

“With the scale and the depth of the devastation we are seeing at the moment – the effects of which have even been seen here with our summer skies turning red last Sunday – it is easy to start feeling that there is nothing we can do to help and that any help we can offer will be futile in the face of the destruction that currently still has so much momentum,” says Auckland Zoo director, Kevin Buley.

“However, we know that our support and help from New Zealand can, and does, make a difference to all those battling to save property, habitat and lives of all types on the numerous front lines across the Tasman. As a member of the Australasian zoo and aquarium community, we will do whatever we can at this terrifying and deeply uncertain time for so many of our colleagues and friends.”

More ways we can all help

As well as supporting emergency efforts for people and wildlife, at a local level here in New Zealand, we can all help our own environment, for wildlife and people, in a positive way, by living more sustainably.

Check out these simple ways you can reduce your carbon footprint.