Happy #WorldGiraffeDay! Join us in celebrating the longest-necked animal on the longest night of the year and #StandTallforGiraffe!

In this Keeper Chat, ungulates keepers Dan and Luke discuss the care (from preparing diets, to habitat sprucing, to positive reinforcement training for health checks!) that goes in to looking after our giraffe here at Auckland Zoo and how that translates to caring for giraffe in the wild.


Happy World Giraffe Day from Auckland Zoo!

In this Keeper Chat, ungulates keepers Dan and Luke discuss how we care for giraffe at the Zoo and in the wild.

Giraffe populations have decreased by a staggering 30% over the last 30 years due to habitat loss, human population growth and illegal poaching, but you’re helping to halt this trend. Every time you connect with Kiraka, Rukiya, Kabili and newest arrival Billy at Auckland Zoo, you’re helping us to continue efforts on the ground for giraffe in Africa with our conservation partners, Giraffe Conservation Foundation. GCF were first to trial GPS satellite technology to monitor giraffe, learn more about their movements and prevent poaching in these areas.

Come and visit the Zoo today, or any day we’re open each year, and you’ll be supporting the tallest living animals in the world!