We’re working together to save Samoa’s national bird! In this first episode of our three-part series our pest-control coordinator Sian arrives in Samoa to lend her expertise in helping the native bird population.

Sian’s first stop is the Malololelei reserve in Upolu to equip the local team with the tools and information they need to investigate for pests in the area.

Forming part of our wider field conservation strategy in the South Pacific, this three year project in partnership with the Samoan Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and Samoa Conservation Society was created to assist Samoa in their goal to boost the populations of their native reptiles, plants, birds and save their national bird - the critically endangered manumea.

One of the ways we are doing this is by helping to control the rampant rat population that predates on these vulnerable bird species. Stay tuned tomorrow for episode two to see more conservation in action!


Episode One : Helping Samoa's Wildlife

The first episode of our three part series on saving Samoa's wildlife