Pest control efforts achieve so much for New Zealand’s native wildlife. We’re pleased to support our friends at Ark in the Park with bait-lining several times a year to reduce incursions of introduced predators (possums, stoats, rats and mice) into this sanctuary where native birds thrive.

Recently zoo crew Katie, Luke and Derryn were out replenishing bait stations in AWN block and they saw some incredible native fungi on their travels! Zoo staff, interns and volunteers look after six lines in the AWN block, along with another four lines in T block.

Located within Cascade Kauri Park, in the Waitākere Ranges, Ark in the Park is an eco-restoration project created in partnership between Forest and Bird and Auckland Council. As there are no physical barriers between the Ark and the surrounding forest, a dedicated grid of 4,780 bait stations and 550 traps provide a line of defence for this protected area and ensure that predators are kept to low levels.

Reassuringly, precious flora and fauna are recovering in this forest sanctuary and reintroductions of native species have been successful. So far, native birds like toutouwai / North Island robin have been reintroduced, as well as the enigmatic North Island kōkako. Our bird team are getting ready to start the annual kōkako surveys in the Ark, so we’ll keep you updated on their findings!

If you’d like to visit Ark in the Park yourself, the Cutty Grass track is currently open to public and the Ark holds monthly induction sessions to welcome new volunteers. To prevent the spread of kauri dieback disease, make sure to clean your shoes thoroughly at the station provided. You can find more resources on the Ark in the Park website. Ka pai!