Did you catch us on Seven Sharp last night?

Mary-Jane Aggett spoke to Richard, our Head of Life Sciences, via skype-call to talk about how our animals are doing without visitors, especially some of the more social species like Captain, our sulphur-crested cockatoo!


Cockatoo Captain takes a tour of Auckland Zoo!

Our animal experiences keepers, like Shannon here, are taking Captain around the Zoo for daily walks during lockdown, so he can say “Hello Captain” to all the animals he meets!

You can watch the full Seven Sharp clip here - https://www.tvnz.co.nz/shows/seven-sharp/clips/how-have-zoo-animals-coped-during-lockdown?fbclid=IwAR3Ub8tUe5cbA1aGetteYNzkiBbRgSv9G4_71ZBSTUhBkin4VMHNQFa5v7Q