On 1 August 2023, the Zoo is introducing new ticketing options (with more flexibility) to help meet rising costs and reduce our reliance on ratepayer funding while maintaining subsidised entry fees for people in our local communities. These changes follow 4 years of reduced ticket prices while we built the South East Asia Jungle Track, our largest ever development and now a multi-award winner. 

  • We are introducing peak (weekends, school & public holiday days) and off-peak (all other days) pricing and lower priced book-in-advance options, and different prices for Aucklanders versus Non-Aucklanders & International visitors. 
  • Auckland residents will still be able to visit for the same current/pre-1 August adult ($24) and child ($14) prices during peak visitation periods if they book a day in advance (before Midnight the day prior). By booking in advance and also choosing off-peak days, Aucklanders can pay the even lower price of $19/adult and $11/child (4-14 years).
  • Concessions; Auckland Seniors & Students:  A flexible peak ticket is $24, a pre-booked peak ticket is $20. Off-peak is $16.50
  • Visitors from outside of Auckland, including international visitors will pay; $35/adult and $29/child during peak periods (weekends, school, and public holidays) and $29/adult and $16.50/child for off-peak days.
  • Concessions: Non-Auckland/International Seniors & Students: A peak ticket is $29 and off-peak is $24.

A flexible ticket means you are not limited to visiting on a specific date and can visit any day of the week within a 3-month period including weekends, school holidays and public holidays.

Peak days are all weekends, public holidays, and school holidays. Off-peak is any other time (school term-time weekday).

The total area that Auckland region covers can be found here in detail on Auckland Council’s website https://geomapspublic.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/viewer/index.html  You qualify for the subsidised Zoo ticket prices if you live within the boundaries of this area. And you’ll just need to bring a utility or rates bill, an Auckland Libraries card, Council pool or leisure membership card, or Auckland student I.D., as proof when you visit.

When you visit, you will just need to bring in one of the following to show our cashiers to show your proof of address:

  • Utility or rates bill with proof of address
  • Auckland Libraries card
  • Auckland Council pool and leisure membership card
  • Auckland school or tertiary student ID

Auckland residents only need to book a day in advance (by Midnight the day prior) of their visit to make a saving on both peak and off-peak tickets. The cheapest tickets available will be non-flexi (for a specific date) off-peak (term-time, weekdays) tickets.  Visitors from out of Auckland will pay peak or off-peak price depending on the day the choose to visit.

You can upgrade any ticket by paying the difference between the cost of your off-peak ticket/s and the equivalent peak ticket/s. You can do this through your email confirmation before you visit! There is a $2 administration fee to upgrade your ticket/s with a staff member. Only one fee is charged per group. The administration fee is only charged once for your whole group, not for each ticket in your group. To avoid paying additional cost, you can reschedule your ticket to a same value day in advance!

You can change a ticket purchased online at any time prior to the booked date by visiting the link in the email you received. If you are upgrading your ticket (e.g. changing an off peak ticket to a peak day ticket), you will be required to pay the difference between your current ticket and the new price.

Visitors that have a ticket for a specific day and miss their booked date or off-peak ticket holders that want to visit on a peak day will be able to upgrade their tickets at the Zoo. The upgrade will cost the difference between their booked ticket price and the new price plus a $2 administration fee.

  • All children under 4 years (Auckland residents and visitors from out-of-Auckland) remain free. 
  • No changes to annual pass memberships or school visits
  • The Zoo’s community ticket programme (which offers free entry for people and groups not in a position to access normal or subsidised tickets) remains the same. 

Yes, any ticket you have already purchased is valid to use until its expiry date (printed on the ticket), and you can use it for any day (peak or off-peak).

There are currently no plans to change membership prices.

Yes, your membership discount for GA tickets is valid for all other ticket types including out-of-Auckland day passes.

That’s no problem, we can add an Auckland Resident Day Pass and an Out-of-Auckland Day Pass into one transaction or have two separate transactions. Thanks to the support of Auckland Council and Auckland ratepayers, we can offer a reduced price for Auckland Zoo to our local communities.

Rising costs of basic items such as animal food, utilities and equipment, and the need to reduce our reliance on ratepayer funding and play our part in helping Auckland Council reach its target savings of $325M, means the Zoo, as part of Tātaki Auckland Unlimited (which must make savings of $34.5m) can no longer support subsidised tickets for non-Aucklanders. New Zealanders outside of Auckland will now pay the same standard (or full) price as international visitors. However, the addition of off-peak tickets will benefit everyone.

Auckland Zoo’s standard full priced tickets are still very competitive compared to other similar organisations in New Zealand and Australia.

It is well documented that Auckland Council has a large budget shortfall and Tātaki Auckland Unlimited (TAU) – a Council-Controlled organisation (CCO) is required to make $34.5M in savings this year. As part of TAU, we must all find new ways to be more efficient and the Zoo is doing its part.  This means that we will only be able to offer subsidised tickets to Auckland residents and we will introduce new peak and off-peak tickets for everybody.