Dr. Lydia Uddstrom will see you now...

Lydia has been caring for animals all her life. After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Veterinary Medicine, Lydia worked in the dairy industry then at the veterinary clinic with our friends at Wellington Zoo. 

I love that I get to work with all kinds of animals. From the very tiny (and critically endangered) Archey's frogs and Chesterfield skinks to our two gorgeous elephant girls. We have so many precious species all in one place.

Lydia Uddstrom, Resident Vet

Yes, Lydia has a real passion for field work. In fact, she’s currently completing her PhD in Wildlife and Conservation Medicine. Another string to her already impressive bow. And Auckland Zoo is a great place for veterinarians like Lydia to flex their conservation muscle.

Here, we care for sick and injured Zoo residents, as well as animals who will be returned to our forests and oceans. Like our collaboration with Kelly Tarlton’s that sees Lydia and her team rehabilitate marine animals so they can be returned to the ocean where they belong.


Sea Turtle Treatment

Watch Lydia and the team look after an injured Hawksbill turtle.