Auckland Zoo, Te Whare Kararehe o Tāmaki Makaurau, is thrilled to announce that we are now offering Māori Cultural Performances. Featuring some of the most talented Māori performers Aotearoa has to offer, visitors can expect to experience a truly authentic Māori display, welcoming, or show. 

Te Wao Nui - The Living Realm

Auckland Zoo's precinct dedicated to the flora and fauna of Aotearoa makes for an exciting backdrop for our Māori Cultural Performances. Blessed by the local iwi Ngāti Whātua-o-Orākei in 2012, Te Wao Nui sets the scene for a moving and immersive performance, rooted deeply in the culture of our country. The natural environment is intrinsically linked with our cultural identity through our art, language, myths and legends, and we hope to tell these stories in a captivating and meaningful environment for our guests. Auckland Zoo can also help with performances off-site of the Zoo throughout Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland.

Performance Options

Mihi Whakatau

  1. 3 performers, 5-10 min, from $1500+ GST
    1. A speech of welcome in Māori. Waiata (Song) A song to embellish the words of the mihi.

Vibrant Māori Welcome

  1. 8 performers, 15 minutes, from $1700+ GST 
    1. Conch Or Pūkāea - This is the shell horn to signal the arrival of visitors are mingling
    2. Te Karanga (Call of Welcome) - A Māori woman offers an ancient call of welcome.
    3. Chant The Māori dancers offer a welcome chant to the visitors using rhythmical hand actions.
    4. Waiata (songs) - A ten-minute showcase of action songs, poi dancing and concludes with Haka.

Māori Welcome/Pōwhiri

  1. 8 performers, 15 minutes, from $1700+ GST 
    1. Te Karanga (Call of Welcome) - A Māori woman offers an ancient call of welcome.
    2. Haka Pōwhiri (Welcome Dance) - The Māori dancers offer the welcome dance to the visitors using rhythmical hand actions and chanting.
    3. Mihi (Speech) - A speech of welcome to the visitors, usually offered in the Māori language.
    4. Waiata (Song) - Each speech is complimented by a song to add mana, strength to the words of the speaker.
    5. Whaka-Utu (Reply Speech) - The leader or representative of the visitors who picks up the green leaf replies on behalf of the guests and offers words of thanks and the reason for their visit.
    6. Waiata (Song) - The visiting group may offer a song or a representative may sing on their behalf. The member of the Māori group accompanying the visitors can offer this.
    7. Hongi (Pressing of the Noses) - Traditional Māori greeting and acknowledges life force where the home tribe and visitors sharing the one life force or the sharing of two breaths

Māori Show

  1. 8 performers, 15 minutes, from $1700+ GST 
    1. You will enjoy a warm, vibrant and entertaining glimpse of Māori culture culminating in a high-energy spine-tingling version of our most celebrated dance, the world famous haka. Your Māori cultural experience includes the opportunity to meet, talk and take photos.

Māori Welcome and Show

  1. 8 performers, 30 - 40 minutes, from $1900+ GST
    1. A combination of the Māori Welcome and Māori show.

Vibrant Māori Welcome and Tour of Te Wao Nui

  1. Details TBA