All experiences are currently on hold until further notice and no bookings are currently being taken.

This popular school holiday experience provides an insight into the role of modern Zoos and the daily duties of a zookeeper.

Each day is designed to combine fun animal facts and behind-the-scenes tours, with age-appropriate practical activities such as meeting, feeding, cleaning and caring for a selection of our animals.

This experience also includes a take-home memento – a USB full of photos of the kids enjoying their day!

All participants must comply with these terms and conditions and the caregiver will be required to sign a health and safety acknowledgement when they arrive on the day of the experience. Those not complying with the guidelines, or presenting a risk to themselves, animals or others, may be asked to leave the Zoo. No refund will be issued under these circumstances.

Age Restrictions

  1. All participants must meet the age requirements on the day of the Experience. Auckland Zoo requires participants to have signed permission from a parent or guardian.


  1. Auckland Zoo will not be liable for any personal injury or for any lost or damaged equipment.
  2. Taking photographs or video in the Zoo for personal use is permitted. Photographs and video taken may not be used for commercial or promotional purposes without express permission from Auckland Zoo. For further information please contact the Zoo's Media and Communications Coordinator on (09) 360 3804.

By purchasing this product, you give permission for the named participant to attend the event and participate in the activities. This includes allowing for emergency medical treatment if needed and that you will cover any related costs. It also covers permission to use any photos taken on the day to be used for promotional purposes by Auckland Zoo. For more information, please email

Responsibilities of the Customer

  1. It is your responsibility as the participant’s caregiver to read the terms and conditions and sign the registration form.
  2. All participants must follow the instructions given by their guide or any other Zoo staff member at all times.
  3. All participants must wear appropriate clothing and footwear. This includes flat, enclosed footwear, and clothing appropriate to the weather conditions.
  4. Auckland Zoo must be advised prior to the Experience of any medical conditions, behavioural issues or disabilities that may impact on a participant’s participation.
  5. Strictly no whistles, balls, balloons, frisbees, bikes, skateboards or roller‐skates/blades or similar are allowed into the Zoo.

Animal Welfare

  1. Due to the nature of this experience and the possibility of unforeseeable animal or other welfare issues, Auckland Zoo cannot guarantee that particular animals and exhibits will be available on the day of the experience.
  2. Auckland Zoo has a hands‐off policy with many of the species it holds, therefore physical contact with the animals is not guaranteed on every experience.
  3. We ask that participants do not feed any of the animals. If feeding is allowed with a specific animal, the Guide will provide you with the appropriate food and instructions.
  4. Under no circumstances should participants attempt to have contact with an animal unless under instruction by a Zoo staff member.

Cancellations, Postponements and Refunds

  1. No refunds will be given if you arrive for the experience and the participant does not meet the criteria for participation.
  2. Experience date changes/postponements/cancellations must be negotiated directly with the Experience Product team and are at the discretion of Auckland Zoo.
  3. Where Auckland Zoo has to cancel or postpone an experience, participants are entitled to rebook the Experience or obtain a full refund. Auckland Zoo will not reimburse any travelling or other incidental expenses incurred.
  4. Auckland Zoo reserves the right to reschedule a Junior Keeper Experience if we do not reach the minimum number of bookings required. Auckland Zoo will not reimburse any travelling or other incidental expenses incurred.

Safety on Junior Keeper

All activities involve an element of risk. Staff at Auckland Zoo will take all practicable steps to identify and minimise the potential risks in their activities to acceptable levels, supply instructions on safe practices and make participants aware of the level of risk of each activity. However, all activities require shared responsibility. Please make certain that the participant is aware of the Zoo’s behavioural expectations, and what to do in the event of an emergency.

  1. Safety Rules ‐ listen to your guide’s instructions at all times. Stay behind all barriers and safety lines unless instructed otherwise.
  2. First Aid ‐ the Zoo has qualified first aid officers.
  3. Emergencies ‐ in the unlikely event of an emergency, your guide will instruct the group on the appropriate action required.
  4. Auckland Zoo complies with the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, which is overseen by Regional Facilities Auckland. Ongoing Health and Safety audits are undertaken and emergency procedures reviewed regularly.

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