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Spend a day with the Auckland Zoo’s professional photography tutors and take your photography to the next level. Let our tutors guide and inspire you to shoot like a pro in any conditions.

Confidently expand your technical and creative scope in the companionship of a small group of photography enthusiasts as you collectively explore this dynamic art form. Auckland Zoo will certainly provide opportunities that will both inspire and challenge, not to mention a portfolio of images, experiences and new technical skills that will be highly valued by any budding photographer.

Participants: 15 years and over. To attend this intermediate level workshop, you’ll need knowledge of your camera and photography basics.

What you'll learn: Metering, bracketing and exposure compensation, focusing, working with light, composition, which filter and lenses to choose, using flash, understanding playback data, colour space and RAW vs. JPEG.

  • Knowledge of camera and photography basics
  • A digital camera (we recommend a DSLR camera)
  • Fully charged battery and charging unit/cable
  • Memory cards, we recommend 8GB or 16GB
  • Camera manual and any other accessories you might have e.g. lenses, filters, flash units
  • Comfortable clothes and shoes suitable for the weather.

Yes, please bring a camera with you. Makes sure you bring a charger or spare battery too!

Sure! Just put your details under ‘Contact Details’ and their contact information under ‘Photographer’.

This experience is usually able to go ahead in all but stormy weather. Please bring a raincoat if it looks like there may be a shower. Not to worry, our expert tutors are well-practised at photography in Auckland weather!

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