Join Auckland Zoo for a once in a lifetime Eco Adventure in Sumatra!

We’ve partnered with the award winning Raw Wildlife Encounters to bring you a 9-day adventure that truly has it all. You’ll follow Auckland Zoo primate keeper Amy Robbins, or carnivore keeper Lauren Booth, as they take you off the beaten track and into the heart of Sumatra, where you’ll trek within tiger territory, bathe in waterfalls, explore underground caves and journey inside the habitat of wild orangutans, macaques and more. 

The best part is, proceeds go towards helping the very communities you will visit, as well as funding Auckland Zoo’s Wild Work in Indonesia with our partners: the Sumatran Ranger Project, Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP) and Wild Cats Conservation Alliance.


Join us for an eco adventure like no other!

See the amazing experiences that await you in Sumatra with primate keeper Amy

Eco Adventure Itinerary and Highlights

  1. Walk the forests of Batu Katak where Sumatran tigers and Sun bears roam
  2. Camp in a cave near the site of the world’s first orangutan reintroduction centre, where many orangutans were released and can be seen in these forests
  3. Wade deep into an underground limestone cave in Batu Katak and see the complex wildlife that lives there – including native bats and cave birds
  4. Wake up to the sound of gibbons calling and visit a number of forest edge communities to witness how they live alongside and depend on the incredible Leuser Ecosystem. 
  5. Follow the footsteps of wild elephants and witness orangutans up close in their natural forest habitat 
  6. Immerse yourself in the Sumatran wilderness, getting a first-hand and up-close view of wild gibbons, macaques, birds and reptiles

Download a copy of the full itinerary below. 

Download Itinerary

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Meet your eco-tour guide, Amy!

After fulfilling her childhood dream of becoming a zookeeper at Auckland Zoo, team leader of Primates Amy talks about how a life-changing trip to the Sumatran jungle ignited her passion for helping orangutans in the wild.