The little penguin (kororā) is the smallest penguin in the world, standing just 25cm tall and weighing a little over 1kg.

Little penguin populations are declining in areas that aren't protected from predators. Where predator control is in place, populations have been stable or increasing.

Little penguins only come ashore at night, and they live underground in burrows, natural holes, or under human structures and buildings.

Our little penguins are all rescue animals who sustained injuries and wouldn't be able to survive in the wild.


Great news for Ōhope the little penguin!

Named after the beach where it was found, little penguin Ōhope arrived at our vet hospital seven weeks ago on an Air Chathams flight from our friends at Bird Rescue Whakatane Trust.


Little penguin patients Ohope and Tio take a swim

Vet nurse Celine explains that Tio arrived at our Vet Hospital from a similar place as Ōhope, after being found with a big abdominal wound that our vets suspect was from a dog bite – the greatest threat to our little penguins.


Ōhope and Tio join our little penguin colony

These two precious penguins have now joined our little penguin colony and have been busy exploring their new home, including splashing around in the pool.


Meet our fast little swimmers!

Kororā may be the smallest penguin in the world but they can make a lot of noise!