Introducing our fascinating flock of forty-one Gouldian finches!

These birds are known for their beautiful adult plumage, turning a mix of reds, greens and yellows. The chests of the male birds are bright purple and the females a paler mauve, allowing them to be sexed easily.

As bird keeper Erin explains, Gouldian finches are near threatened in the wild due to habitat loss in the northern territories of Australia and poaching for the illegal pet trade. These grass-eating birds are particularly vulnerable to seed shortages as a result of fires and grazing in the savanna woodland areas they inhabit.

This flock can be found in our walkabout aussie aviary in our strangely beautiful Australia precinct with our red-tail black cockatoo and zebra finches!


Meet keeper Erin and our Gouldian finch flock!

Erin explains the process juvenile Gouldian finches go through when they are 'colouring up'