The path that connects the central zoo area to the main entry (see map below) is temporarily closed to visitors on weekdays between 27 – 29 November and 2 – 6 December. The good news is you will get to experience our amazing African Savannah area twice – on the way in and again when you leave! Normal access will resume at the weekend.

Our prices for on-site tickets (tickets purchased at the zoo) will be reduced to only cost $19 for adults (normally $24) and $12 for children (normally $13) due to this inconvenience. Seniors (65+) and students (15+ with valid I.D.) are $15 for the affected periods

Anyone planning to visit the Zoo purchasing a Same-Day Ticket should do so on-site at the Zoo to get the discounted price.

We apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding and continued support for our Future Zoo.

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We are connecting underground services for the new café to the Orakei main that runs directly beneath the Zoo. 

We did everything we could to keep this path open for visitors while we do this important work. Unfortunately, the machinery is just too big for visitors to get past safely and your safety is just as important to us as it is to you.

We know it’s the shortest route in and out of the heart of the Zoo and it may be a little inconvenient, so entry will only be $19 for adults (normally $24) and $12 for children (normally $13) at the Zoo on affected days.

There will also be additional support for visitors with mobility issues if required, and we will have staff and volunteers around the Zoo to help you find your way.

There’s a whole lot of info about our plans on our South East Asia page. It’s really important to us that we provide the best possible care for people and animals at the Zoo, so we’re constantly improving out-of-date or ageing infrastructure.

While these works are underway, visitors won’t be able to visit our Vet Hospital (NZCCM) and the red panda enclosure nearest to it. However, access to the rest of the Zoo remains unobstructed, including the other red panda enclosure by Critter Cottages.

On affected days, tickets purchased at the Zoo will only cost $19 for adults (normally $24) and $12 for children (normally $13).

The closure may add a few minutes walk on to your visit time as you will have to exit the Zoo by the same path you entered via the African Savannah area. There is a pedestrian bypass around the African aviary. We think 5-10 minutes extra walking is worth it to make sure there’s somewhere safe for the new café’s drains to connect to.