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Auckland Zoo

​​​Visiting tips

seeing animals on your zoo visit

No two days, or even two hours, are the same at Auckland Zoo!​

One of the great things about visiting the Zoo is that you see and experience different things each time, this may include seeing Burma and Anjalee, ou​r Asian elephants going for a walk around the Zoo with their keepers, or a newly born animal for the first time!​

However, you may come across an enclosure where you cannot see the animal(s). We realise that seeing the Zoo animals is a priority for our visitors, and we make every effort to help achieve this.

One of the best ways to check out the animals is to go along to an animal encounter (run at scheduled times)​. It is a​lso a good idea to check back later in the day, they may have returned outside when you get back.

If you don't see an animal in their enclosure, this may be for a number of reasons, including:

  • The warm weather is keeping our animal in shaded areas
  • The cold weather has taken our animal indoors
  • The animal is visiting t​he vet or having a check-up
  • Our animals are off display while keepers are cleaning their enclosure or preparing enrichment items for them
  • Work on the enclosure is taking place. Click here for details on maintenance works happening at the Zoo. ​​
  • Our kunekune pigs, Asian elephants and cheetah may be going for a walk with their keepers.​​​

Keeping safe at the Zoo

  • Children (aged 0​-15​) need to be accompanied by a caregiver (aged 16+).
  • To ensure the safety of our animals, the following items are not permitted in the Zoo grounds: balloons, whistles, balls, frisbees or other throwing games, flags and bells.
  • Please leave all rollerblades, skateboards, scooters and un-aided bicycles and tricycles at home.
  • The Zoo animals are not trained - do not enter any enclosure, or put any part of your body, into an enclosure.
  • There are a number of natural waterways at the Zoo, so please supervise children at all times.
  • Click to view f​ull terms and conditions of entry to Auckland Zoo.

General information

  • Check out the weather before you come. In winter, we suggest you bring a jacket and an umbrella, and in summer, be sure to bring sunscreen and a hat.
  • Please be aware that Auckland Zoo is smoke​ free. There is a designated smoking area outside the Zoo's main gates (to the left of the Zoo's entrance).
  • For the safety of our animals and visitors, barbeques are not permitted within Zoo grounds. If you would like to hold a private function at Auckland Zoo, contact our functions team.
  • Every Zoo animal enjoys its own specific, well-balanced diet. We hope that you enjoy some great food treats on your Zoo visit, but please do not feed any of our animals. Our keepers take good care of this!
  • Feel free to take personal photos and video while you are at the Zoo. However, any commercial photography or filming requires written permissions from the Zoo's media team.
  • The Zoo is a 'containment area' and as such, no animals are permitted in the Zoo grounds, with the exception of vaccinated, healthy, fully-trained assistanc​e dogs​, but ask that you contact us ahead of time about their visit. Please phone the Zoo Information Centre on +64 9 360 3805.
  • Auckland Zoo does not allow entry to any unaccompanied children 14 years and under. If the children are found by themselves, staff do have the authority to call the police as it is classed as an abandoned minor. ​​​
Auckland Zoo

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