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Interested in volunteering as part of the Visitor Engagement team at Auckland Zoo?

​​As part of our quality volunteer programme, our enthusiastic volunteers enhance our visitors' experiences by sharing their excellent knowledge and passion for wildlife conservation.

They also provide important support services for zoo staff and enjoy being part of a fun volunteer team where they get to spend time with others who share their interests.

Want to join the team?

First step is to check whether we have a role that would meet your expectations and be a good match for your interests and abilities.​ Please note: All Auckland Zoo volunteers must be able to work independently and meet our health and safety regulations.

  • I'm a people person

    I love to talk and engage people in conversations.

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  • I'm a detail person

    I would like to be part of a team that works closely together to create enrichment items for the animals.

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  • I love mucking in

    I don't mind getting my hands dirty, and would be comfortable working behind the scenes in a role that involves cleaning and food preparation.

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  • I want to contribute to conservation work in the field

    I'm an all-weather type of person and love being outside in the bush and getting my hands dirty.

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  • I'm a practical person

    I'd prefer jobs that are a bit more physically demanding, like collecting grass for the animals or washing windows.

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  • I love New Zealand species

    I have a real passion for and knowledge of the fauna and flora of Aotearoa, and would love to share this with zoo visitors.

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  • I'm 15 - 17 years old

    I'm hoping to gain some volunteer experience. I have a passion for learning new things, especially about New Zealand fauna and wildlife conservation.

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  • I'd like to do my community volunteer day at Auckland Zoo

    We are part of a community group or a work team of up to 12 people and are available for a full day's volunteering.

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