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Enjoy a mini safari as you explore the Zoo's Pridelands area - a place where you can immerse yourself in the sights, sounds and smells of Africa.

What​ lives here?

Journey along the elevated boardwalk to see our herd of giraffe living with zebra and ostrich. 

Continue on the path to our African savannah to get foot to hoof with giraffe, walk-through an expansive aviary, home to masked lovebirds and leopard tortoises, and crawl through tunnels and say hi to the meerkats.

Alongside them, see southern white rhinoceros (the world's third largest land animal) and springbok.

Next, ​you'll find the kings of the savannah, the lions - observing you from their look-out. The lion shelter with its large glass viewing window, or the main boardwalk path, are both great vantage points to view our pride of four lions.

Continue on your African safari to see our flock of flamingos, pair of cheetah and large troop of baboons.​

​Our servals are your last stop on your African adventure - these cats love to stalk and pounce.​

Public encounters


Sunday – 10.15am​


Tuesday - 11.15am
Saturday - ​11.15am
Sunday - 11.15am

Masked lovebird

Monday - 2pm
Friday - 2pm
Auckland Zoo

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