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Browse for elephants

If you're doing a spot of pruning and want to deliver your off-cuts for our elephants, find out how and suitable types of vegetation.​​

Vegetation (browse) is a natural part of an elephant's daily diet and our elephants eat a lot of it every day!

If you're doin​g a spot of pruning and want to deliver your off-cuts for our elephants, we'd love to hear from you.

suitable vegetation​ for our elephants

  • ​Bamboo

  • Willow

  • Puka

  • Phoenix palm fronds (green)

  • Elephant grass

  • Cabbage tree

  • Banana palm

  • Sugar cane

Important information if you'd like to donate browse (vegetation)

  • Needs to be spray-free​​

  • Freshly cut (same day as delivery) and green,

  • Approximately up to an av​erage-sized trailer load, and

  • Delivered to the Zoo (sorry, we can't pick-up).​

Please make prio​r arrangements with our Elephant Team before cutting and delivering by ​leaving a brief message on (09) 360 3932.

If we haven't returned your call within two days, we probably have enough browse for the moment, or the browse may not be suitable for our elephants.​​

Thanks in advance for taking the time and effort to help us out.​​​

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