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Asian elephant Burma

​​With our recognised world-class elephant programme and extraordinary team of elephant keepers and vets, Auckland Zoo has all the credentials to manage elephants

Our team of keepers work freely and in close contact and are able to build incredible bonds that create cooperation, trust and confidence. Our programme is focused on affection, verbal and visual cues, play, choice and diverse activities to ensure a full and stimulating life.

Elephant conservation in the wild

Asian elephants are endangered; their wild habitat is diminishing and wild elephant populations are increasingly coming into conflict with people with disastrous results.

Auckland Zoo is a not-for-profit conservation organisation, and every cent that we raise goes back into caring for our animals, and to help support conservation projects that help endangered animals in the wild.

Our role as a leading zoo that holds elephants is to raise community support for their conservation and to help raise funds for a range of conservation efforts. This includes research programmes, elephant habitat restoration and community-based initiatives in targeted countries, all with the aim of protecting wild elephant populations.

By attracting 700,000 visitors a year to the Zoo, we can inspire our community to better understand wildlife and what we can all do to help. And we can help motivate change, such as reducing the amount of palm oil we all buy to help stop elephant habitat being cleared.

Auckland Zoo is focused on building a future for wildlife, and we direct significant efforts and resources towards this.

This past year, Auckland Zoo contributed $1.4 million directly to conserving wildlife in the wild. In this way, and for many years now, we've been helping fund programmes in Sri Lanka​ and Nepal, aimed at researching Asian elephant populations, understanding them better, and helping to avert conflict. We also help elephants in Sumatra​ through supporting the protection of habitat. And every visitor to the Zoo help us generate the funds needed for these projects.

Auckland Zoo

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